ATTENTION: Calling all parents of pre-teen girls!


The Ultimate Confidence Kit!

The Ultimate Confidence Kit is the perfect choice for parents like you who wish to support their young girls' journey to finding their inner confidence!

I know you want the best for your daughter.......

I also understand that nurturing her confidence is a top priority.

So I am thrilled to introduce The Ultimate Confidence Kit for Young Girls (7-12 years of age).

A special activity workbook designed to empower your daughter to help her grow in confidence and for her to shine like the amazing star she is!

A workbook that will empower her, boost her confidence and keep her busy when shes feeling bored!

Topics include:

  • Helping her to discover her unique qualities
  • Confidence boosting activities
  • Exploring her feelings
  • BONUS Items and access to the NEW academy!

Shhhhh I am going to let you into a little secret.....

This also means that she will be getting exclusive access and a sneak peek of our NEW online academy designed specifically for pre-teen girls like your daughter.

Our NEW academy will be full of useful resources, workshops, and fun downloadables specifically curated for her! Sound good? Are you ready to buy?

Hit the pink button below and get all of this for a special one-time offer of £7.00!

Meet Danielle, a Nurse, mum and someone who is passionate about the wellbeing of young girls. As a mother of a teenage daughter like many of us, Danielle understands the challenges that young girls face today.

As a young child, Danielle also used to be shy and lacked confidence. Her journey working with children and families in and out of the NHS has ignited a passion within her.

Now she is on a mission to empower pre-teen girls and make a positive impact in their lives.

That's why she created Serenity For Girls - A business that can help girls to thrive during their adolescence, with less stress and more confidence. Danielle offers empowering and fun well-being workshops in her community. She's also brought her passion and expertise online, providing workshops, courses, and resources including books and journals.



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